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New Drawing Update!

2013-11-30 19:12:12 by ILUVMANGA12

I am a beginner in digital work!
Happy Late Thanksgiving!

<3 to all!

Please feel free to constructive criticism, please no harsh language!

Thank you!

New Drawing Update!


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2013-11-30 19:14:16

She's wearing a bit of Make-up!
Hope you like it!
Please follow me!


2013-11-30 20:31:11

First of all, welcome to the site. That's if anyone hasn't welcomed you already. :D

That's quite a pleasant, anime-esque cutie that you've drawn there. I'll jump into my quick-critique mode by saying that the black area underneath the hair is a little distracting. I think it should be smoothed out a bit more and it could merge with the hair tone itself, as opposed to just being black.

It all looks a little sketchy, too. I think your outlining could be smoother as a whole, but as a sketch/doodle, it's a great idea and has potential.

I'll give you a follow. I am also aspiring to become an artist on this site, and I think everyone has the power to pursue art, regardless of age or experience. I only have two pieces, though, so I better pick up the pace. :P

Take care!

ILUVMANGA12 responds:

Thank you very much! I am very happy that you like it! I will try hard to improve on the hair. I will look up some digital Technics!

Thank you again!



2013-12-01 15:09:37

Nice sketch!

ILUVMANGA12 responds:

Thank You!!!
I'm happy you like it!